THE FALLEN: Official Playlist

I always make a playlist for every book, music with lyrics (mostly) that make me think about the book and its characters. Sometimes the connections are very strong; sometimes they’re more tenuous, or only make sense in my head. Sometimes the result is a horrible mishmash of genres. I make no attempt to be intelligent with my music choices; I just pick what speaks to me.

I don’t listen to music when I write, but I listen to music at other times, doing chores and traveling around while a book is in development, and I love to listen to these playlists and zone out and think about my little fictional worlds.

THE FALLEN’s official playlist is out now, on Spotify and on YouTube. If you’re okay with some minor spoilers, then you can also read on for some little notes about who each song reminds me of and what they mean to me.

Song Listing

Within Temptation feat. Tarja - Paradise (What About Us?) [The situation in the Chaos Zone, generally, as the novel begins.]

t.A.T.u. - All About Us [Tiv and Yasira]

Kamelot - Insomnia [Yasira]

Hidden Citizens feat. Rånya - Crazy on You - Epic Trailer Version [Yasira and Tiv]

Smash Into Pieces - Counting On Me [Yasira, and maybe also Tiv a little]

Icon For Hire - The Grey [Yasira]

Krigarè - Falling Apart [the Seven]

Mariah Carey - You’re So Cold [Elu, addressed to Akavi]

Sara Bareilles - Orpheus [Tiv, talking to Yasira]

Amaranthe feat. Angela Gossow - Do or Die [the Jai resistance movement, generally]

Hidden Citizens - Land of Confusion - Epic Trailer Version [the Jai resistance movement, and the protest]

Delain - Scarlet [Elu]

Lady Gaga - Speechless [Enga]

Muse - Algorithm [Nemesis. This isn’t about the “simulation” part of the song, I just couldn’t resist the refrain. Heh.]

Kamelot - Beautiful Apocalypse [Yasira and Tiv… and maybe, in the background, Ev a little]