Thank you for writing about animistic concepts.

I have no conviction on the matter, but I have for a long time been considering the possibility that some places have their own spiritual existence with their own feelings and desires. Originally this was referring to nature places, such as rivers and mountains.

In my youth, at all too young age, I was an Annapurna trekker in the Himalayans. That didn’t work out as planned, but in retrospect I think that the mountains probably guided me into other things which I wasn’t looking for and which later provided for better balance.

Later, I have been thinking that maybe some man-made villages and towns, which are smaller than and part of present-day big cities, have their own spiritual existence with feelings and desires. This could be explained differently: When number of people gather in a particular place, their surplus life-energy might cross some threshold and form a spiritual existence, which then could, on the other hand, ask something from the people, but also give something to them. Before Covid-19, I was very much obsessed and in love with one world-famous, or notorious, village. This time the village and spirit guided me into new things I had never thought about before and which contributed for a better balance and improved opportunities.

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