Million-Year Elegies LAUNCH DAY!

Today is the day! Some of you were able to sneakily order paperbacks before the launch, but today is the day when MILLION-YEAR ELEGIES becomes an officially launched book, and when the ebooks become available on Amazon / previously ordered ebooks are delivered, and we’re going to celebrate!

The celebration is happening right on Twitter, and here’s what we’re going to do today:

9am EST - beginning of a GIVEAWAY - several signed print copies will be available for folks who tell me about their favorite prehistoric creature. I have three lovely physical copies of the book here - they're the first I ever held in my hands aside from the unofficial proof copy - and they're all going to go out, signed, to three lucky winners

10am EST - beginning of a MICROFICTION GAME!

12pm EST: beginning of an Ask Me Anything - from noon until 5pm I will be hanging out on Twitter, answering any question folks want to throw at me - book related, dinosaur related, or otherwise.

5pm EST: AMA concludes and giveaway winners are announced.

A new poem is also going live, free to the public, sometime today - “Dimetrodon,” on Julia Rios’s Patreon, which will also be accompanied by an interview.