It’s finally launch day! THE FALLEN is out in stores NOW.

“Fast-paced adventure and intricate double-crosses sweep through Hoffmann’s magnificent sequel to The Outside.”
– Publishers Weekly

If for some reason you haven’t read my 93 other posts about this book and how excited I am to see it out, here’s the blurb:

The laws of physics acting on the planet of Jai have been forever upended; its surface completely altered, and its inhabitants permanently changed, causing chaos. Fearing heresy, the artificially intelligent Gods that once ruled the galaxy became the planet’s jailers.

Tiv Hunt, who once trusted these Gods completely, spends her days helping the last remaining survivors of Jai. Everyone is fighting for their freedom and they call out for drastic action from their saviour, Tiv’s girlfriend Yasira. But Yasira has become deeply ill, debilitated by her Outside exposure, and is barely able to breathe, let alone lead a revolution.

Hunted by the Gods and Akavi, the disgraced angel, Yasira and Tiv must delve further than ever before into the maddening mysteries of their fractured planet in order to save – or perhaps even destroy – their fading world.

Do NOT miss the launch event this Thursday the 15th, which will be hosted by none other than Janelle Shane of “AI Weirdness,” on Angry Robot’s YouTube and Facebook Live channels:

Want the fun extras that I posted on Twitter this week as part of the pre-release promo? Here they are:

Meanwhile, here are some other cool things that have been happening, or are soon to happen:

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