Schedule/masterpost for April's Autism Acceptance Month interviews

Hello, Everything Is True followers! I had to wait until the afternoon to post this, lest it be mistaken for an April Fool’s joke, but this is something I’ve been excited about doing for a long time. April is Autism Acceptance Month, and I want to use the month to run some interviews so you can get to know a whole month’s worth of autistic speculative fiction authors!

I was really pleased by the response when I sent out the call for authors on Twitter in February. We’ve got enough authors who signed up for this and answered the interview questions that I’m going to be able to run an interview every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in April and still have some left over for May. (Fridays will still be reserved for subscriber-only discussion threads, and Mondays will be left free.)

(Right now I’m only announcing the ones who are scheduled for April, because I’m holding out hope that a few more stragglers who haven’t answered their questions yet will trickle in; but if I’ve told you privately that your interview is scheduled for May, then don’t worry, I have it on my private schedule and haven’t forgotten you. I’ll announce May’s lineup by mid-April.)

The majority of these interviews will be free to read but, since I have subscribers paying for exclusive content here, a few of the interviews (with authors who specifically agreed to it) will be special content for subscribers only.

Here’s our wonderful lineup for the month:

The first half of May will contain interviews with at least four more authors (one of whom will be subscribers only), and hopefully a few more.

Meanwhile, here’s some miscellaneous news from the past few weeks - or really all of March and a lot of February, because I forgot to include such news last few times I made a free post: